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AllerMates New Multi-Charm allergy bracelets are now made of soft silicone allowing for a softer feel and easier use.

Designed with a new adjustable snap feature with 3 slots allows this AllerMates allergy bracelet to fit the wrist size of most kids ages 3+.
Measures 7" in length.
Made to fit up to six different AllerMates medical alert charms, each measuring 7/8" high and 1.2" wide.
These allergy bracelets are 100% latex free.
Meets and exceeds safety standards.
Medical alert charms included in this package are for the common food allergies of peanut, nut, dairy, egg, and wheat, as well as our popular EpiPen charm.

Allermates Multi-charm PACK #873P

  • Item # 873P
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