Aqua-Earbands are sports headbands that offer the ultimate in ear protection - they keep earplugs in and water out!

Aqua-Earbands #375

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    ● Offer ear protection while swimming, showering, or bathing
    ● Recommended by Ear, Nose, Throat Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Audiologists, Coaches, and Pharmacists
    ● Protect against ear infections
    ● Can be used with Wrestler's Ear or Raynaud's Syndrome, or for wrapping after otoplasty
    ● Keep ears warm during winter sports
    ● Have an adjustable, velcro closure for maximum comfort
    ● Reversible to a second colour on the back
    ● Made of strong, thick neoprene fabric

    Available in 4 sizes:
    ● Small fits infants up to age 3
    ● Medium fits children ages 4-9
    ● Large fits adults ages 9 and up
    ● Extra-Large is available for purchase in our Aqua-Earbands Extra Large Size listing

    Available in 13 colour combinations:
    ● Red / Blue
    ● Lavender / Lilac
    ● Royal Blue / Green
    ● Sky Blue / Red
    ● Forest Green / Navy
    ● Navy / Green
    ● Tangerine / Navy
    ● Camouflage / Black

    More colour choices are available for certain sizes only and can be purchased in our Additional Aqua-Earbands listing:
    ● Pink / Navy
    ● Black / Blue (sizes Medium and Large only)
    ● Leopard Print / Black
    ● Pink Splash / Royal (Small & Med)

    Item #375

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