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  •  Twin-Size Sound Pillow®: Comfortable-Non-allergenic plush pillow with great sounding Stereo Speakers

NEW – Proprietary MP4 Player loaded with 21 One-Hour tracks of ultra-relaxing nature sounds, hypnotic-binaural music, nature sounds blended with binaural music, and Noise Files: Red, White, Blue, Pink, Grey, and Violet.

  •  Sound Pillow Measurements: 22” w x 15” h x 6” deep.
  • Sound Pillow Cord Length: 6 1/2 feet (varies slightly from pillow-to-pillow)

Charging Cord Length: 6 1/2 feet.

NEW Updated Player

  • MP4 battery guaranteed to run 30+ hours on single charge (normal use).
  • Player operates from standard AC Outlet and USB ports. All pieces and parts included.

Sound Pillow Sleep System #701

C$199.55 Regular Price
C$189.55Sale Price

    ● Voted by USA Today as one of "The Best" products in healthy living in the bedroom
    ● Great for Tinnitus sufferers
    ● Contains hypoallergenic fiberfill and embedded stereo speakers
    ● Easily hooks up to your portable music players (iPod, mp3, etc.)
    ● Has a 1/8" headphone jack
    ● More comfortable than headphones
    ● Intimate sound experience that won't disturb your partner, allowing for a good night's sleep
    ● Doctor recommended

    2 GB mp3 player comes preloaded with 18 selections and 18 hours of:
    ● Nature sounds
    ● White noise
    ● Pink noise
    ● Binaural music
    ● Layered nature sounds with binaural music

    Item #701
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