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The DizzyFIX is a simple, interactive & effective exercise Trainer device for treatment of vertigo and dizziness associated with BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, the most common cause of vertigo)  The general objective of the DizzyFIX is to visually guide the user through the short maneuver.


New Smaller ship friendly box includes:

  • DizzyFIX Trainer
  • Written instructions
  • DizzyFIX special cap 

Dizzy Fix #888

C$104.00 Regular Price
C$99.95Sale Price

    Watch the video at lower left to see DizzyFIX on Global News

    ● As seen on The Doctors
    ● Takes just a few minutes to guide you through a proven treatment for BPPV - just follow the particle in the device to treat yourself at home!
    ● Highly effective, no drugs, no surgery
    ● Clinical trials at the University of Western Ontario indicate that it effectively helps treat active BPPV with a high success rate in minutes
    ● Avoid the wait for doctor visits, additional medical expenses and unnecessary prescriptions
    ● Developed by specialists at Clearwater Clinical and tested by Canadian Otolaryngologists (Ear-Nose-Throat specialists)
    ● Non-pharmaceutical and non-intrusive therapy
    ● No side effects to using this device
    ● Can be used as often as needed
    ● Consists of a special tube filled with fluid and a bead. The patient guides the bead through the device with head movements and their BPPV is cured

    ● Not recommended for the treatment of other vestibular disorders
    ● Patients with limited neck mobility or other neck problems should consult their family doctor prior to use of the device
    ● Patients are encouraged to have supervision while using the device and to conduct the maneuvers on the floor such that a fall during repositioning is not possible
    ● Although the DizzyFIX may be of use in Vestibular Rehabilitation its primary use is in the treatment of BPPV

    DizzyFIX package includes:
    ● DizzyFIX Trainer
    ● Written instructions 
    ● DizzyFIX Cap

    Doctors, clinics and distributors, please contact us for wholesale pricing by phone (1-800-361-0072) or email (

    * PLEASE CONTACT if shipping to the USA

    Item #888

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