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AT ALL STAR SALES, because we are a small business, we take special pride in our company and our products. Many of our customers keep coming back. Here is a sample of some of the letters that we have received. After you've read them, we look forward to welcoming you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

"Thanks so much for making a great product (Ana-Tote). We bought one about 3 years ago for my son who is very active. It lasted a good 2 and 1/2 years until it finally wore through at one end. We patched it with some black hockey tape and got another few months out of it. At that point we thought we would try another carrier for his epipen. It lasted about 6 months. So now we are going back to a good thing - we're back for good. Thanks again."

Chenoa D.



"I would like to say a big thank you for my order which I received this morning. The headbands (Aqua-Earbands) are fantastic and my little girl just loves the colours. She has her operation on Wednesday and she can't wait to get back in the water with her new girly headbands. Thank you for such a speedy and easy service and I will be recommending you to everyone. Kind regards."

Kelly C., England



"Couldn't ask for any better support...It's a pleasure to do business with you."

Scott W.



"I am very pleased with my experience with All Star Sales and responsiveness to (my) issue. Thank you,"

Paula C.



"Great news, the Wal-Mart Brampton had them (Aqua-Earbands).  I was so happy I purchased all 3 of the size large they had left!...By the way I did come across another make of ear bands at Zellers Pharmacy, and they are no where near the quality of your Aqua-Earband, so much more expensive too!  Too bad Zellers has not picked up on your amazing product!  Many many thanks.. Yours truly,"

Tina F.



"Just wanted to let you know how brilliant I think this product is (Ana-Tote). I  have one for my 7 year old son who is anaphylactic to nuts and peanuts. It has made life a lot easier, and Nick thinks the carrier is quite cool, and so he doesn't mind taking it about with him. It was also reassuring to have with us on holiday...Keep up the good work...if you could just try to find a solution to the allergy now..."

Julie Y., London



"I just wanted to thank you for your great advice. I ordered 2 Ana-Totes and we are very happy. My 5 yr old son wears it at school and it is comfortable and it doesn't bother him. He easily removes it at the end of the day at school and keeps it in his cubbie. I keep the extra Ana-Tote at home or with me. Thanks again."

Davina S.



"Would just like to thank you. I received my order (bathing cap) on Friday which was less than 1 week. Excellent service thank you so much. Will be able to lie at our pool in France without having to worry about my hair!  Best Wishes,"




"Just got the mail and received the bathing caps...WONDERFUL!! I just learned to swim last year when I moved to FLA...have a heated pool, now, so I can swim all year long...well I just about ruined my hair, 'cause I never used a cap before and didn't know...have gone thru 2 others (junk) and was leery...these things are great...kudos to you and your company!"




"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sending me your product (Ana-Tote), which, by the way, I really like. It was demonstrated and shared at a conference to school nurses in Connecticut. I have in the past participated in many educational opportunities and fully continue doing so in the future. I will be showing your product whenever the opportunity arises...On a personal level, I have a teenage son with life threatening food allergies to multiple food groups. He likes your product and finds it convenient to have his medication in a relatively safe and easily distinguishable carrying case. That endorsement is a good one to have...Again, thank you."

Christine B., RN

"Hi, Folks: rec'd my order safely today.....EXCELLENT service. Impressed with the items I received. Good quality and very handy for my lifestyle. Thank you."

Dale G.



"I just called and spoke with one of your staff regarding the Ana-Tote... I wanted to pass on that your staff member was very pleasant and helpful. I have been struggling for some time trying to find a comfortable solution for my 5 year old son, who requires his epi-pen to be carried on his person. Currently he uses the e-belt, however it is very uncomfortable for him, and gathers a fine sand dust inside it from the playground and sand play area. This dust, due to the epi-pen not being in its own carrier because of the e-belt has tainted the solution within the epi-pen. We have gone through replacing the epi-pen several times, and thought we were out of ideas!


Anaphylaxis Canada recommended I try the Ana-Tote... Your staff provided me with the help I needed, and .... was able to order the Ana-Tote and belt directly from my own pharmacy. Thanks again for supporting your product, and clients, in a warm and professional manner!"

Lori W., Ottawa



"The Ana-Tote samples arrived in todays mail! I want to personally thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I am excited to share these samples with our members... They are really neat! I love the larger double one, but my son who is the allergic one, likes the single one! I really appreciate your help and I will promote sales for you at our meetings. As I know you are aware, "dragging" the medicines around is not always convenient, but this sure will help! Thanks again, I will be sending folks your way."

Karin P., Monongahela PA



"We received the bathing cap yesterday. It was actually for my neighbor, and she is very delighted with it. Thanks."

Edith S.



"I would like to thank you so very much for sending me the swim caps I ordered yesterday to me today!! I was very impressed with the prompt service and will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know looking for swim caps as they are so hard to find in stores. Again, thank you again for the prompt service and the wide selection of swim are awesome! Sincerely,"

Linda R.



"I love your swim caps! They are adorable."

Dawn H.



"Hi have received goods and very satisfied with product (Ana-Tote). Thank you very much for prompt service. Regards,"




"Wow!  You guys are good. I placed an order for Epi-Pen pouches (Ana-Totes) and received it the next day! Thanks for the splendid service. Warm regards,"

Elaine B.



"Thanks, you have a great product (Doc's Proplugs)."

Jennifer F.



"I placed an order for 2 bathing caps for my mother-in-law in Pointe Claire, Quebec. A couple of days later she received the order and was very pleased with your product. I would like to thank you for being so efficient. I did not expect her to receive her order for at least 8 to 10 days. Just thought you would like to know you have 2 happy customers. Thank you,"

Louise T. 



"Hi, I ordered two swim caps from you folks, and they just came. I love 'em. Thanks. I have a big head and 3' of hair, and it all stays in there and the cap doesn't pull. I didn't think these 1950s-style bubble caps were still made, but I'm glad they are.  Thanks again. Also, that was quick shipping"

Anna T.

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